The Influence of Coronavirus Infection on Family Demography

Tashpulat B. Matibaev, Research Institute «Mahalla va Oila»
Abbos Gulmurodov, National University of Uzbekistan


The article analyzes the influence of coronavirus infection on family demography in Uzbekistan. It also focuses on other demographic indicators, such as comparing population growth in CIS countries between 1991 and 2011, as well as the interregional distribution of population in the country and the structure of working-age population. It allows to observe the variations of demographics in the country since the independence to date. It also allows identifying the accumulated demographic issues, namely the overpopulated regions with the high level of unemployment, the imbalance between supply and demand in labor market, the increase of working-age population, and the rise of elderly employable population which creates pressure on the pension system. Therefore, a high priority task for today is the elimination of these problems as the coronavirus pandemic may worsen the situation in the country because the well-being of family demography and the well-being of country are closely connected.