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JST Team


Jennifer Elgie, Western University

Chief Deputy Editors

Rachelle Miele, Western University

Syna Thakur, Western University

Editorial Board

Beth Torrens, Western University

Vesna Pajovic, Western University

Visiting Editors

Emily Alexander, Independent Researcher

Andrew Nevin, University of Toronto

Katherine Bouchard, Western University

Christina Treleaven, University of British Columbia

Advisory Board

Amy Jacob, Western Sociology Technology and Media Coordinator

Kim Shuey, Western Sociology Graduate Chair

Jerry White, Western Sociology Professor

Marg Sloan, Western Libraries

Special Thanks To:

All Peer Reviewers

Western University Sociology Department (Faculty and Staff)

Western University Sociology Graduate Students Association (SGSA)

McGill Sociological Review (MSR) for support, resources, and permissions

Cliff Davidson, Logo Designer

Joanne Paterson, Scholarship@Western Coordinator

Tom Adam, Western University Copyright Advisor

Marg Sloan, Western Libraries

Amy Jacob, Western Sociology

Victoria Hendrix, Berkley Electronic Press (bepress)

Past Editorial Board Teams

Volume 1, 2014-2015