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Aims & Scope

The Journal for Social Thought (JST) aims to advance sociological knowledge and promote the contributions of graduate students and scholars (especially across Canada) through the publication of original research, essays, and theoretical work. This journal is a graduate student-driven initiative supporting the development of skills that are central to the academic field, including learning to review papers and preparing work for publication.


  • To provide opportunities for graduate students to publish work and contribute to the development and advancement of sociological knowledge
  • To facilitate the dissemination of graduate student research in the social sciences to wider academic and non-academic audiences though an open access platform
  • To create a forum for the exchange of sociological ideas and research amongst graduate students and scholars in Canada and abroad
  • To challenge up-and-coming scholars to address the sociologically relevant questions of today and tackle specific topics that impact our local or global communities
  • To especially encourage discussions on social issues that are relevant to Canada and Canadians
  • To foster a network of scholars from multiple social science disciplines who will provide differing perspectives on pressing social issues and collaborate on research
  • To offer chances for graduate students to participate in the publishing process, including developing skills as active publishers, journal editors, and peer reviewers