The Road Goes Ever On: Estelle Jorgensen's Legacy in Music Education


Section I - The Past is Our Future / The Past is Not Our Future

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London, Ontario Canada


Doing music education, metaphor, inquiry, imagining, possibilities, Estelle Jorgensen

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In the field of music education philosophy, several contributors have significantly impacted how we think about and do music education. One such person is Estelle Jorgensen. Integral to her writing was the use of metaphor, which served as a means to present complicated concepts and ask complex questions. Her intent was less to provide answers but to instill an inquiry of pondering and imaging; it was more about the journey of seeking possibilities, and less about converging on ‘truths’ and arriving. The focus then was more on becoming and less on being’. This continuous process of pondering and imaging could feel like an endless conjuring for a space to experience –to live longer in the being. These notions will be examined through the use of metaphor while unpacking The Art of Teaching Music[i] with a specific focus on the becoming and being musician educator, what that entails and what it might mean as the field continues to emerge and unfold.

1 Estelle R. Jorgensen, The Art of Teaching Music (Bloomington IN: Indiana University Press, 2008).

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