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Faculty of Science




Doctor of Philosophy


Barmby, Pauline

Additional Supervisor

Gallagher, Sarah

HI Datacube of NGC2841.gif (10978 kB)
This GIF is a datacube of hydrogen gas. The animation is going through every channel of the cube, showing the gas at different velocities. At the bottom, the spectrum is showing the flux received in the green square, for each channel. (Credits: NRAO, Brian Kent, Jeff Mangum)

Moment maps of HIPASS J0256-54.png (568 kB)
Maps of the flux, velocity field and velocity dispersion of a galaxy. Thanks to super-profile analysis using the code BAYGAUD, the authors were able to identify the cold and warm gas spatial distribution, as well as the bulk motion with respect to the reference velocity field of the galaxy. (Credits: Oh, Staveley-Smith and For (2019))


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