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Oil Companies, Reindeer-Herding Communities, and Local Authorities: Rights to Land from the Perspective of Various Stakeholders


This article is devoted to the consideration of land disputes between oil companies and reindeer-herding communities. This research analyzes the legal framework within which the participants of conflict act, with particular reference to legal anthropology. Most of the focus is not so much on formal laws as on the way in which they are understood and interpreted by the participants in relations. It is shown that various groups are guided by different laws and regulations, determining for themselves their priority over others. Emphasis is placed on the role of custom and the way in which it influences the appeal of locals to the state legal system. Starting from the specificity of legal environment, this article explains the use by the participants of conflicts of various strategies to settle them.


This article was prepared during the research project, “Companies coping with multiple regulatory systems in Russia,” supported by University of Eastern Finland (2012 - 2014). The author is a doctoral student at the University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Social Science and Business, Department of Law, and a lecturer at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Department of Comparative Political Studies.

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