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Hua Oranga: Service Utility Pilot of a Mental Health Outcome Measurement for an Indigenous Population


The key areas of development in this study were the criteria for the use of the Hua Oranga, an Indigenous mental health outcome measurement tool for use with Māori, the Indigenous people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). The application of the Hua Oranga was expected to improve the care and treatment of tangata whaiora (consumers) in partnership with whānau (family) and clinicians. The Outcomes Recording Analysis (ORA) database (, which receives the Hua Oranga data and generates the Hua Oranga reports was essential to this improvement. This development contributes to the skill and expertise of clinicians in interpreting Māori health information that benefit Māori.


The authors wish to acknowledge the funder and participants of this study, MOKO services Waitemata District Health Board Aotearoa.

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