Volume 3, Issue 3 (2012) Water and Indigenous Peoples

Welcome to the International Indigenous Policy Journal. We are very pleased to publish this special edition of the journal on Water and Indigenous Peoples.

When we look around the globe, we find that access to clean, safe water is in issue for Indigenous communities around the world, regardless of whether we are talking about developing or developed nations. The comment element among these diverse peoples is colonialism and its impacts. The articles contained here make many important observations and draw our attention to many important policy questions. They highlight the complexities and challenges associated with water in Indigenous communities.

We hope these articles will spark interest, discussion, debate, and collaboration. How problems are approached and the building of lasting and meaningful partnerships will be important in determining how successful we are in solving the problems associated with ensuring safe water.

We hope you enjoy this special issue.

Jerry P. White

Susan Wingert
Managing Editor

Letter from the Editor


Guest Editors' Introduction
Daniel Shrubsole and Laura Murphy




Are We Seeking Pimatisiwin or Creating Pomewin? Implications for Water Policy
Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Ginger Gibson, Allen Benson, and Greg Miller



Water and Indigenous Peoples: Canada’s Paradox
Jerry P. White, Laura Murphy, and Nicholas Spence


Contested Territories: Water Rights and the Struggles over Indigenous Livelihoods
Rutgerd Boelens, Bibiana Duarte, Rossana Manosalvas, Patricio Mena, Tatinana Roa Avendaño, and Juana Vera


Jerry White
Managing Editorr
Susan Wingert

Special Issue: Water and Indigenous Peoples

Guest Editors
Daniel Shrubsole
Laura Murphy