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More Research Needed!


We feel it is important to identify research areas that are understudied. Certainly, the impact of economic development on or near Indigenous lands is one such area.

In this issue, we have three feature articles that approach the issue of economic development in terms of policies, impacts, and benefits.

What is clear is that we need a much better understanding of the benefits and perils that come with development. We also need better cooperation between governments, corporations, and Indigenous communities in order to develop effective legislation and fair land use and resource agreements.

IIPJ wishes to encourage those who have studied development issues to submit their work. We will shortly be announcing our intent to create an international database of quality research across a wide range of important subjects. The purpose will be to create an ever expanding, open-access source of research. This database may also contain examples of agreements and rigorous assessments of the projects in order to advance our understanding of the challenges that come with economic development.

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