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First Nations Women in Northern Ontario: Health, Social, and Community Priorities


This article reports on data from women dwelling in First Nations communities regarding (1) baseline statistics about women’s circumstances, needs, interests, and opportunities for community engagement, and (2) information about women’s present status, experience, interest, and other questions of social, economic, and health status. Two hundred twenty-six women from 35 First Nations communities completed the survey. This paper focuses on the main findings from the survey, which fall into 4 thematic areas. Theme 1 consists of demographic information as provided by participants. Theme 2 consists of social information such as housing and education. Theme 3 includes information about participants’ top community health concerns. Theme 4 examines participants’ community involvement. Use of the survey in directing women's social policy is discussed.


Funding for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Major Women’s Development Project was provided by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Women’s Directorate, and Status of Women Canada. No endorsement by the funders is intended or should be inferred. The authors wish to thank two anonymous reviewers for providing feedback on an earlier draft of this manuscript.

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