Volume 10, Issue 2 (2019)



Racism Experiences of Urban Indigenous Women in Ontario, Canada: “We All Have That Story That Will Break Your Heart”
Anita C. Benoit, Jasmine Cotnam, Doe O'Brien-Teengs, Saara Greene, Kerrigan Beaver, Art Zoccole, and Mona Loutfy


Solution Model for Enhancing the Experiences of Urban First Nations and Métis Patients Accessing and Navigating the Health System for Inflammatory Arthritis Care
Cheryl Barnabe, Jean Miller, Sylvia Teare, Casey Eaglespeaker, Brenda Roland, Nicole Eshkakogan, (Lynden) Lindsay Crowshoe, Elena Lopatina, and Deborah Marshall


Community Setting as a Determinant of Health for Indigenous Peoples Living in the Prairie Provinces of Canada: High Rates and Advanced Presentations of Tuberculosis
Maria J. Mayan, Rebecca Jayne Gokiert, Tristan Robinson, Melissa Tremblay, Sylvia Abonyi, Kirstyn Morley, and Richard Long