Special Issue Call for Papers: The Impact of Reserve and Reservation Systems on Indigenous Well-Being

Guest Editor: Cristhian Teófilo da Silva, Universidade de Brasília and CIÉRA - Centre interuniversitaire d'études et de recherches autochtone of Université Laval

In several countries around the world, non-Indigenous-dominated governments have created reserves or reservations where Indigenous populations have been placed. These land areas are legal designations for circumscribed territories occupied by one or more Indigenous Peoples in order to allow the State to perform the rational or bureaucratic administration of the lives of these peoples. They form an integral role in the longstanding colonial policy experiences aimed largely at assimilation and control of Indigenous populations.

The IIPJ is calling for policy and research submissions that relate to the impacts of the creation of reserves or reservations. We welcome submissions that are empirically grounded and relate to the impacts of these systems on the social, health, economic, political, or environmental well-being of Indigenous Peoples. The IIPJ welcomes a full range of methodological approaches but does seek contributions that are policy relevant and will be of interest to readers worldwide. Comparative studies are particularly welcome.

Submissions should be submitted for review no later than November 30, 2018

We expect to publish accepted manuscripts in summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2019.

Submission guidelines can be found in our Author Guide