Editor-in-Chief: Jerry White, Western University
Managing Editor: Susan Wingert, Western University
Policy Commentaries Editor: Nicholas Spence, University of Alberta

Thank You for Making 2016 IIPJ's Most Successful Year!

In 2016, we surpassed our goal of 50,000 full-text downloads by over 20,000! With just over a week left in the year, we have reached 70,000 downloads!

We could not have accomplished all that we did in 2016 without support from our readers, authors, copy editors, editorial and advisory boards, and funders.

We are very excited about the articles we are working on for 2017. We will have a two part special issue: Reconciling Research: Perspectives on Research Involving Indigenous Peoples. In our two regular issues, we have articles examining Indigenous issues in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and India and Bhutan, in addition to Canada, the US, and Australia.

Thank you for supporting IIPJ and all of the work worldwide that advances the rights and goals of Indigenous Peoples. We wish you the very best in 2017.

Jerry White, Editor-in-Chief
Susan Wingert, Managing Editor


Jerry P. White
Managing Editor
Susan Wingert