The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

Article Title

The Effects of Gender and Competition on Performance


Male and female young adults were asked to construct a simple two dimensional red sol-cup pyramid (four layers with four cups on the bottom layer), under timed conditions, either by themselves or alongside a competing participant of the same biological sex. Participants’ scores (time) were compared to look for evidence of an interaction between gender and competition on performance. It was found that there was no significant effect of the gender and competition interaction on performance, F (1, 17) = 2.045, p > 0.05 partial η² = 0.136. These finding suggest that gender and competition do not work together to influence performance in a simple task under timed conditions. Neither gender, F(1, 17) = 0.118, p > 0.05 partial η² = 0.09, nor competition, F (1, 17) = 0.325, p > 0.05 partial η² = 0.024 have a significant main effect on performance.

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