The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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Decisions Between Action and Inaction Across Generational Status: A Study of Moral Judgments


The current study was designed as an extension of prior research of Briggs (2013) through exploring the principle of the double effect; that is when individuals are faced with a moral dilemma they will show preference to harm is indirect as opposed to harm that is direct .participants were provided with two scenarios that called participants to decided whether the protagonist’s actions in the given scenario were permissible. Results revealed no significant interaction between generational immigrants status and type of harm on moral judgment (F (2) =1,20, p > .05). In addition, there was no significance found for relation between type of harm and moral judgment. Moreover, there was no significance found for the interaction between generation immigrant status and moral judgments. The results were discussed in terms of interaction between 2nd generation Canadian, 1st generation immigrant and immigrant and the permissibility of direct verse indirect harm.

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