The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

Article Title

The Effects of External Motivation


Lyndsay Lyons


The purpose of this experiment was to see if external motivation would encourage participants to attempt to increase their speed of task completion. It was hypothesized that the high motivation groups would attempt to increase their speed, whereas the low motivation groups may feel no need to perform the task quickly, as they have not been motivated to do so. 40 participants were used in this study. Materials included a letter of information, a consent form, a word jumble task with two parts, and a debriefing form. The results of the experiment did not support the hypothesis, as there was no main effect of motivation, no main effect of sex, and no interaction. There were some issues with control of extraneous variables in this experiment, such as the age of participants being limited, and the fact that there was no controlled circumstance identical for all participants.

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