The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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How do Depression, Anxiety and Stress Affect Working Memory?


Harrison Notkin


40 participants were chosen at random from students who attend Huron University College. Each participant was given three separate tests. The first test the participants were administered was the depression, anxiety, and stress scale (DASS). The second test the participants were given was the momingness-eveningness questionnaire (MEQ). The final test they were given was an oral memory test that dealt with strings of numbers and repeating them back to the administrator. The present study was conducted to see if depression, anxiety, or stress would directly affect a persons' working memory and whether or not the time of day a person took the study would affect their working memory. The results indicated that there was a significant main effect for the DASS, F(l,20) = 9.96, p < .05, partial n² = 0.22

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