The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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The Effect of Religiosity on Attitudes towards Homosexuality


The study examines the impact religiosity has on attitudes towards homosexuality. 32 male and female participants from various demographic profiles were recruited from the University of Western Ontario to participate in the study. Participants were exposed to images of either a homosexual or heterosexual couple, were asked questions regarding the image and then were surveyed using scales measuring levels of religiosity and attitudes towards homosexuality. A 2x2 ANOVA was conducted. A strong relationship between images and attitudes towards homosexuality was found as participants showed a significant change in attitudes towards homosexuality depending on which image they were exposed to. In addition there was a slight relationship between level of religiosity and attitudes towards homosexuality; however the results did not prove to be significant. The results demonstrate there was some limitations to the current study and further should be undertaken.

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