The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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The Effect Test Anxiety and Time Pressure on Performance


Shauna Orfus


A study was conducted to investigate the relationship between test anxiety and time pressure as prediction on a performance task. It has been showed that high-test anxiety and time pressure can have an effect on a cognitive task performance. 32 undergraduate students at Western University College were given a math task and the Test Anxiety Scale and classified as having low or high-test anxiety by a median split. Subjects in the time pressure conditioned were told they only had a limited amount of time to complete the task and were constantly reminded of this time pressure. Subjects in the non-timed pressure condition were given as much time as they needed to complete the task. Task performance was measured by number of correctly completed items on a 12-item math task. A 2x2 between subjects ANOVA was performed and a significant main effect of test anxiety was found but an insignificant main effect for time pressure was found. However, a significant interaction was found.

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