The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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The Effect of Learned Helplessness on Locus of Control and Anxiety


Halee Donenfeld


Hiroto (1974) was one of the first researchers to depict learned helplessness in humans using a tone. His study was the basis for this experiment. It was hypothesized that the participants' anxieties would differ depending on their orientation of locus of control, when put in a learned helplessness situation. Thirty-two subjects were equally divided into either the learned helplessness condition or the control condition. Learned helplessness was generated by presenting variable intervals of an irritating tone that the subjects had no control over. The control group was able to control the duration of the tone. Analyses were computed using a 2x2 between-subjects ANOVA design. However, no main effects or interaction effects were found.

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