The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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Viewing Episodic-like Memory in Rats


Episodic memory refers to the recollection of events associated with a person's past. Babb and Crystal (2005) provided one of the first accounts for applying this form of memory to rats on a radial maze. The present study used a novel paradigm to view traces of episodic memory in rats, as previous studies have shown difficulty in doing so (e.g., Bird et al., 2003). By placing different foods in set locations on a radial maze and presenting either intramaze or extramaze cues, it was hypothesized that rats would employ different foraging strategies to obtain food, based on the cues present during training and testing. Rats, however, did not show statistically significant differences with respect to their foraging strategies. As a result, episodic memory was not observed in the rats; however, interesting trends did arise. Limitations are addressed within the study, as well as suggestions for improvement in future studies.

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