The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

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Spatial Learning versus Intramaze Cues in a Chihuahua Using Radial Maze Learning


Using an 8-arm radial maze the present study will attempt to provide support to the idea that humans and animals (Olton and Samuelson, 1976) use extramaze cues (spatial location) in searching for food. Phase 1 was completed over 15 sessions, where it was found that the dog behaved much like rats have done in navigating through the radial maze. In Phase 2, it was found that again the dogs behaved as the rats (Olton et al., 1976) did, where they used spatial learning to remember which arms they had already visited and which ones they had yet to visit. By changing future studies slightly it could lead to new information on how animals and maybe even humans remember events and places passed.

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