The Huron University College Journal of Learning and Motivation

Article Title

The Effect of Procrastination and Stress on Low Effort and High Effort Tasks


Evanya Musolino


The present study was designed to examine the impact of stress and procrastination on high effort and low effort tasks. The participants, 40 undergraduate students, were randomly assigned to one of four experimental conditions. The experimental conditions were Low Effort-High Stress, Low Effort-Low Stress, High Effort-High Stress, and High Effort-Low Stress. It was hypothesized that participants in the high effort-high stress condition would procrastinate more than participants in the other conditions. A 2 x 2 ANOVA was carried out and the results indicated a main effect with stress, and a significant interaction between effort and stress. Issues, such as implications of prior research were discussed. There were a number of control issues that may have affected the results of the study. Ideas for further research were discussed.

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