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The Making of the Cultural Mosaic

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Book Review

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Fall 2003




Canadian Children’s Literature

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Books Reviewed:
Andrei and the Snow Walker, by Larry Warwaruk
Scared Sarah, by Mary Alice Downie
Finding Sophie: A Search for Belonging in Postwar Britain, by Irene N. Watts
Margit, Book One: Home Free, by Kathy Kacer
Rachel, Book Two: The Maybe House, by Lynne Kositsky
Elizabeth, Book One: Bless This House, by Anne Laurel Carter
The Word for Home, by Joan Clark
Criss Cross, Double Cross: Sophie, Alias Star Girl, to the Rescue, by Norma Charles
When the War is Over, by Martha Attema
Marie-Claire, Book Two: A Season of Sorrows, by Kathy Stinson
Lisa, Book One: Overland to Cariboo, by Priscilla Galloway
Angelique, Book One: Buffalo Hunt, by Cora Taylor
Strange School, Secret Wish, by Bernice Gold
Emily, Book Two: Disaster at the Bridge, by Julie Lawson
Ellen: Hobo Jungle, by Dorothy Joan Harris
Search of the Moon King's Daughter, by Linda Holeman
Penelope, Book Two: The Glass Castle, by Sharon E. McKay
Irish Chain, by Barbara Haworth-Attard

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