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November 11, 1918, marked the end of hostilities in what was initially called the “Great War” and is now known as World War I. The purpose of this publication is to review the events that took place immediately before, during and after the November 11th celebrations in London, Ontario, as recorded largely in the London Free Press and the London Advertiser. The Prelude focuses on how the approaching armistice was viewed, the nature of the events that unfolded before the armistice document was signed, and the “false armistice celebrations” that took place in London on November 7th. In the Aftermath we discuss a number of local issues that arose shortly after November 11th that included among others, how to memorialize those who perished during the war, how to repay the voluminous federal war debt, and how to deal with those who evaded conscription as required by the 1917 Military Service Act. Sandwiched between these two sections is an account of the armistice celebrations that occurred during the week of November 11th.


Abstract. Pg.1

Prelude. Pg.1

a) Armistice Delegation. Pg.4

b) The False Armistice. Pg.7

c) Cause and Outcome of the False Armistice. Pg.10

Celebrations during the week of November 11th. Pg.12

Aftermath. Pg.13

a) War Debt and Bond Drives. Pg.13

b) Demobilization. Pg.23

c) Treatment of Defaulters and Deserters. Pg.26

d) Continued Publication of Casualty Lists. Pg.29

e) Caring for the Wounded. Pg.30

f) Memorials. Pg.32

Appendix. Pg.43

End Notes. Pg.49



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Canadian History | Military History


A publication by The London and Middlesex Historical Society in honour of the men and women who served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force from 1914 through 1918.

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End of the Great War in 1918 and its Impact on London, Ontario: Prelude, Celebrations and Aftermath