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This research aims to provide an overview of the research on Indigenous youth and sportparticipation. Indigenous youth in Canada may experience a variety of holistic advantages byparticipating in sports and physical activity. However, there is a need for a comprehensive bodyof evidence required to support sport participation among Indigenous youth, which couldfacilitate extensive benefits. The purpose of this research was to explore Indigenous youth’soverall experience during their participation in sport. The research recognizes the positivehealth and well-being benefits through the lenses of The Medicine Wheel including the mental,physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres of humanity. This research also seeks to answer thefollowing questions: (1) Why does sport benefit Indigenous youth? (2) What are the barriers tosport participation on and off reserves. The findings indicate that there are some existingIndigenous organizations in Canada that acknowledge that mainstream sports avenues often failto prioritize Indigenous needs and cultural practices. The limitation for on-reserve communitiesincludes restricted sport opportunities, local program and activities, lack of financial funds, andmany participants have lack of transportation due to living in remote areas. While off-reserveparticipants receive limited support, fear negative cultural representation, engage withmainstream sport organization and politics, and endure racism, they face limited support andfear negative cultural representation.