Nola George

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Literature on the realities of Indigenous peoples and World War 2 are hard to find and teaching this subject is difficult when resources are scarce. This resource will highlight many ways in which the realities that indigenous people endured during World War 2 through the reading provided called Indigenous peoples and the Second World War: the politics, experiences, and legacies of war in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The method used to provide this collection was researching and analyzing literature from historical archives. This resource will look at trauma informed approaches for providing this framework in junior and intermediate levels of education. Trauma informed approaches are significant when teaching this framework due to the trauma past endured by Indigenous people. This resource will also look at different means of healing for Indigenous people through exercises provided to the students such as beadwork exercise. This resources also helps students to understand storytelling and how it is a means of expression and learning for Indigenous peoples through the reading of I am not a number. Through this resource provided students may be able to grasp a better understanding of Indigenous people in World War 2 from a decolonial perspective.