Indigenous Hockey


Indigenous Hockey


Camille Duggal



This abstract is part of a larger research project that aims to use a decolonizing lens to investigate the complex inter-relationship between indigeneity, ice hockey and colonialism. Hockey is a pivotal sport in Canada; thus, it is imperative to explore its role in reconciliation. There was a need for a comprehensive analysis of the current literature to be able to properly identify the gaps in literature that can be addressed. There was a primary search strategy implemented that consisted of searching all databases (n=112) for peer reviewed, scholarly journals and book chapters (no specified date range) that included the keywords (n=14) outlined in the study. The secondary search strategy employed included searching the grey literature and policy documents (no specified date range). A further search strategy included the search for the biographies of Indigenous hockey players. The data was systematically gathered using the Zotero platform to easily collect, organize and cite research. Potential next steps for the larger research team involves the development of a counter-statistical reality for Indigenous hockey players in Canada.

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Head and Heart, Indigenous Hockey, Ice hockey, colonialism


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Indigenous Hockey