Storytelling as an Indigenous methodology: Indigenizing STEM education


Storytelling as an Indigenous methodology: Indigenizing STEM education



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My research topic is about including Indigenous knowledge in school science curriculum. My research problem is the underrepresentation of Indigenous students in mainstream education. Therefore, my research problem will focus on curriculum and pedagogy that are culturally inclusive, with the goal of increasing participation rates of Aboriginal students in STEM education and careers. There is a gap in academic achievement and graduation rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. The 2008 census data for Aboriginal student population indicates their enrolments in the sciences continue to be very low. The scholarly context for my research is an Indigenist postcolonial context. Although the literature on cross-cultural science is a growing topic, there still exist a scarcity. The existing literature clearly states that more research is needed to improve Indigenous achievement levels in school science and employment in the STEM fields. My research project will follow an Indigenous paradigm and can potentially make a significant contribution to three areas in Indigenous education: 1) Two-Eyed Seeing as a weaving mechanism for bridging Western Science with Indigenous science; 2) medicine wheel as a conceptual framework in a storytelling context, and 3) PAGE 10 culturally responsive teachers, curriculum and pedagogy that addresses the needs of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. My research on Indigenizing STEM education has the potential to make significant contributions to our understanding of weaving Western and Indigenous science perspectives. Two-Eyed Seeing is represented as the synthesis of Indigenous methodology and participatory action research situated within an Indigenous paradigm of relevant, reciprocal, respectful, and responsible research (Peltier, 2018).

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Storytelling as an Indigenous methodology: Indigenizing STEM education