Embodying health through art-infused practice


Embodying health through art-infused practice



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Attempting to treat one’s health without the using the proper medicine is illogical. Societal foundations of medicine are incomplete. Health cannot be entirely treated when westernized medicine only targets the physical and mental aspects of health. This research attempts to reintroduce methods to target all of health including the spiritual and emotional aspects to fully embody it. An expanded version of the medicine wheel is used for the core of this research, which emphasizes identity and community as well as the four aspects to create balanced health. Art therapy will be highlighted as an intersection between alternative medicines and westernized health as this a key example of fully embodying health. Art will also be used as a tool and visual example of embodying wellness. Specifically, pottery will be used as a physical representation of the fundamental parts of this research and the concepts that connect to provide wellness.

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Head and Heart, medicine, art-infused practice


Indigenous Education

Embodying health through art-infused practice