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Microgrids can take power from other energy sources and share their loads meaning there is a less reliance on diesel power generation. Wind mill power generators, solar power (for the summer) and battery storage are fantastic elements for providing consistent power in the Arctic. These power systems have been tried and proven, in all conditions, over many years. Geothermal is another green efficient way to heat homes and businesses in the Arctic. When I worked for Dome Petroleum in McKinley Bay NWT, I was fortunate to work in the most extreme winter weather the Arctic can produce. With global warming influencing the Arctic now is in a time of change. Having a stable, comprehensive power supply is important to move into the future with.

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Microgrid, renewable energy, climate change, Arctic


Environmental Sciences | Indigenous Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Sustainability

Microgrid Technology and the Arctic: Green Renewable Technology Does Relate to the Land