Global Health Equity

Hub Facilitator: Elysée Nouvet, PhD

The GHE @ Western hub brings together information on the people, events, research activities, educational opportunities, partnerships and student organizations dedicated to Global Health Equity at Western. Our goal is to make it easier for all – students, faculty, and community partners – to find out about our efforts in GHE, access relevant resources, and get involved.

The GHE @ Western hub launched in 2021, with support from the Vice-President of Research office. The hub responds to a need identified in consultations with faculty, staff and graduate students for a platform designed to highlight GHE initiatives and multiply for individuals new or based at Western to get involved in GHE initiatives. While providing a “one stop” orientation to current GHE activities at Western, the hub also includes an archive of curated resources and a blog dedicated to reflections and dialogue on the ethics, experiences, possibilities, and challenges of doing Global Health Equity work.

The equity focus of the hub echoes a broader commitment of Western university to supporting Health Equity. Within this commitment lies recognition that there exist serious and avoidable inequities in access to health and well-being on the planet and within societies, including within Canada, as well as inequities in access to opportunities and power to direct and effect change in this regard.


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