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Ecology and Distribution of Diatoms from Boreal Forest Lakes in Wood Buffalo National Park, Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Canada

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Diatoms were identified from the surface sediments of 35 small to intermediate-sized boreal forest lakes in Wood Buffalo Nat. Park, located on the border of Alberta and the NW Terr., Canada. A total of 276 diatom taxa were recorded; of these, 112 taxa, belonging to 29 genera, are illustrated. Detailed taxonomic descriptions and ecological info. are provided for 62 of these taxa. Striking differences in diatom assemblages were observed between the lakes sampled, which included 3 types: Shield lakes, situated in the granites and granitic gneisses of the Canadian Shield; sinkhole lakes, located in Palaeozoic-aged limestones and gypsums; and muskeg lakes, found in poorly drained areas characterized by Palaeozoic-aged calcareous shales.


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