Geography & Environment Presentations


The research highlighted and explained in these presentations covers the environment and the many interactions between it and humans. Topics include migration, urban data and development and exploration on earth and beyond.


Submissions from 2019

Women Geographers: An Outcome of Cultural Change, Elaine Bjorklund and Don Janelle

Submissions from 2011


Open Data in London: What Is It and How Is It Used?, Michael Buzzelli


The Challenge of Successful Integration for Francophone Immigrants within Minority Communities, Suzanne N. Huot, Belinda Dodson, and Debbie Rudman


Exploring the Moon in the 21st Century, Phil Stooke


Environmental Prediction in Canadian Cities, James Voogt

Events from 2008


From Migrant Surveys to Migrants’ Stories: Reflections on Research on and in Southern Africa, Belinda Dodson