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The three Entity-Relationship Groups (E-R Groups) have formed the conceptual framework of cataloguing in FRBR since being established by IFLA in the late 1990s. These three groups define the entities and relationships of interest to FRBR cataloguers. Group 1 describes the Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item, the parts that make up the whole of a catalogue record. Group 2 describes the responsibility relationships, ensuring proper attribution and ownership to people and corporations. Group 3 describes the subject relationships which include the entities of groups 1 and 2, as well as Concept, Object, Event, and Place, and function like subject headings.

However, the growing demands put upon catalogues by their users present cataloguers with an opportunity to expand the functionality of their catalogues. This paper will argue for the creation of a “Group 4” consisting of flexible entity-entity relationships, modeled after biological phylogenetics, anchored temporally, and generated by users.