FIMS Publications


The research in Information and Media Studies Publications covers a range of subjects pertaining to information and knowledge and the ways they move through and shape society. They encompass media studies, popular music and culture, journalism, health information sciences, and library and information science.


Submissions from 2000


Electronic Miscommunication and the Defamatory Sense, Jacquelyn Burkell


Household Consumption on the Internet: Income, Time, and Institutional Contradictions, Edward Comor

Submissions from 1999


Independent Cultural Production: Performance of Self and Creation of Value in an Eddy of the Mainstream, Matt Stahl

Contribution of information to business success: A LISREL model analysis of manufacturers in Shanghai, L.Q. Vaughan

Submissions from 1998


Communication, Commerce and Power: The Political Economy of America and the Direct Broadcast Satellite, 1960-2000, Edward Comor

A cross-cultural comparison of business information use, L.Q. Vaughan

Electronic dissemination of government information in canada: Implications for equitable access, L.Q. Vaughan and E. Dolan

Transition to electronic access of government information: Are the depository libraries prepared?, L.Q. Vaughan and E. Dolan

Submissions from 1997

Information search patterns of business communities: A comparison between small and medium-sized businesses, L.Q. Vaughan

The impact of the public library on business success: An analysis based on medium-sized businesses in Ontario, L.Q. Vaughan

Measuring the impact of information on development: A LISREL-based study of small businesses in Shanghai, L.Q. Vaughan and J. Tague-Sutcliffe