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Constructing business profiles based on keyword patterns on websites

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12th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, ISSI 2009

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The study examined the possibility of constructing business profiles (specifically, product profiles) based on keyword patterns on various types of Websites including the company's own Website, blog sites, and Websites that have particular keywords and also have hyperlinks pointing the company's Websites. To test the proposed methods, we selected China's four major oil companies and two other companies that have related products. We collected data about these companies from these three Web sources and analyzed the numbers of retrieved pages to construct business profiles. The business profiles constructed were checked against business information collected from other sources such as company annual reports and company newsletters to determine the correctness of the profiles and thus the usefulness of the proposed methods. We found that the method of analyzing frequency distribution of product keywords on company's own Website worked very well. The method of searching for blogs with a company name and product keywords was useful in knowing recent changes and developments of the company. The method of searching for inlinks with keywords provided some information but the overall result is not as good.

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