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iConference 2015 Proceedings

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Abstract Information professionals manage, organize, preserve, create, design, implement, and control the information systems, services, goods, and devices that are both ubiquitous in and essential to our daily existence. But where there is great power, there is also great responsibility. Recent events suggest that information professionals may benefit from enhanced education and training to prepare them to respond to the ethical challenges they will encounter in their work in socially responsible ways. Improving information ethics education is one step toward beginning to build a strong foundation in this space moving forward. Participants in this workshop will explore and identify key principles, tensions, and themes in the emerging field of information ethics and collaborate on the creation of an open model course syllabus.

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Centivany, A., Zimmer, M., Chalmers, M., Frank, R. (2015). A Collaborative Approach to Improving Information Ethics Education. In iConference 2015 Proceedings.

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