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In Solidarity - Academic Librarian Labour Activism and Union Participation in Canada

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The following study is a textual analysis of collective agreements from Canadian Universities that include provisions for librarians. There has for many years been a focus on the “crisis in librarianship.” The hope with this research is to celebrate the victories and highlight how collective agreements are foundations upon which librarians can build. The collective agreements act as signposts of the gains that librarians have made over the years in negotiations with administration and as advocates on campuses across the country. This project documents the advances librarians have made and makes recommendations for areas where further activism may be needed. The research focusses on how Academic Librarian positions are described and codified in University collective agreements in Canada. What provisions are there in collective agreements to protect Academic Librarians' from de‐professionalization, protect their academic freedom, control their workload, ensure job security and/or protect against contracting out? Collective agreements will be compared for their similarities and the gaps that may exist.

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Notes to Chapter 7

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