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Earlier this year, the government tabled Bill C-32, proposed amendments to the Copyright Act. Following a consultation process, the Bill is widely recognized as more reasonable than its predecessor, Bill C-61. On the positive side, the bill would expand fair dealing to explicitly include "education". On the other hand, the digital locks provisions of the Bill are fundamentally flawed and override many existing and proposed users rights. Also this year, Access Copyright filed a proposed tariff for the post-secondary education sector with the Copyright Board. The proposal, which includes a drastic increase in costs as well as numerous new reporting and auditing requirements has met with stiff opposition from the educational sector. Following up on his July presentation (, Dr. Samuel Trosow discusses the interrelated provisions of these measures and reviews the various responses from the educational community.


This public lecture took place at The University of Western Ontario on Oct. 27, 2010. The video of it is embedded below.
Dr. Trosow discusses some of the copyright issues facing Canadian students, teachers, librarians, and researchers in this article.

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