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The revised Patient Perception of Patient-Centeredness Questionnaire: Exploring the factor structure in French-speaking patients with multimorbidity

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Background: The Patient Perception of Patient-Centeredness (PPPC) questionnaire was revised, and there is a need for the questionnaire to be tested in diverse primary care populations. Objectives: This study aimed to examine the factor structure of the Revised PPPC questionnaire (PPPC-R) in French-speaking patients with multimorbidity. Design: Secondary analysis from baseline data of the French arm of Patient-Centered Innovations for Persons with Multimorbidity Study (PACEinMM Study). Setting and participants: Participants were adult patients with multimorbidity attending primary health-care settings. Outcome measures: Exploratory factor analyses were applied to examine the factor structure of the PPPC-R. Cronbach's alpha values were calculated to assess the internal consistency of the whole questionnaire and of each factor explored. Results: There were 301 participants, mean age 61.0, 53.2% female. The PPPC-R showed very good internal consistency, with three factors: Patient-Centered Clinical Method (PCCM) Component 1-Exploring the health, disease and illness experience + PCCM Component 4-Enhancing the patient–clinician relationship (Factor 1); PCCM Component 2-Understanding the whole person (Factor 2); and PCCM Component 3-Finding common ground (Factor 3). There was a good internal consistency within each factor (Cronbach's α = 0.87 for 8 items in Factor 1, 0.77 for 5 items in Factor 2 and 0.87 for 5 items in Factor 3). Discussion and conclusions: The French PPPC-R factor structure was in accordance with the underpinning conceptual model and presented with three factors. Further assessment of its validity and reproducibility are needed to allow its use as a measure of patient's perception of patient-centeredness.

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