Family Medicine Publications


The research in Family Medicine Publications examines the habits and needs of families and populations of every age from a general health and medical perspective. Subjects include the effects of technology on children, health effects of smoking and substance abuse on various ages, disorders and mental health and physical activity studies and guidelines.


Submissions from 2022


Family Physician Clinical Inertia in Managing Hypoglycemia, Caroline V.M. Rebicki, Bridget L. Ryan, Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing, Paul F. Tremblay, and Stewart B. Harris

Submissions from 2021


Environmental Scan of Primary Care Needs in the Last Decade (2010-2020), Ravninder Bahniwal


Health Care Providers' Emotional Responses to Their Patients' Hypoglycemic Events: Qualitative Findings From the InHypo-DM Study, Canada., Judith Belle Brown, Sonja M Reichert, Yashoda Valliere, Cecelia McLachlan, Susan Webster-Bogaert, Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing, Bridget L Ryan, and Stewart B Harris


Healthcare teams and patient-related terminology: a review of concepts and uses, Cecilia Flores-Sandoval, Shannon Sibbald, Bridget L. Ryan, and Joseph B. Orange


Interprofessional team-based geriatric education and training: A review of interventions in Canada, Cecilia Flores-Sandoval, Shannon Sibbald, Bridget L. Ryan, and Joseph B. Orange


Scaling up patient-centered interdisciplinary care for multimorbidity: A pragmatic mixed-methods randomized controlled trial, Martin Fortin, Moira Stewart, Patrice Ngangue, José Almirall, Mathieu Bélanger, Judith Belle Brown, Martine Couture, Frances Gallagher, Alan Katz, Christine Loignon, Bridget L. Ryan, Tara Sampalli, Sabrina T. Wong, and Merrick Zwarenstein


Systematic review on the instruments used for measuring the association of the level of multimorbidity and clinically important outcomes, Eng Sing Lee, Hui Li Koh, Elaine Qiao Ying Ho, Sok Huang Teo, Fang Yan Wong, Bridget L. Ryan, Martin Fortin, and Moira Stewart


The prevalence of multimorbidity in primary care: a comparison of two definitions of multimorbidity with two different lists of chronic conditions in Singapore, Eng Sing Lee, Poay Sian Sabrina Lee, Ying Xie, Bridget L. Ryan, Martin Fortin, and Moira Stewart


Primary Care Informatics Response to Covid-19 Pandemic: Adaptation, Progress, and Lessons from Four Countries with High ICT Development, Siaw Teng Liaw, Craig Kuziemsky, Richard Schreiber, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Harshana Liyanage, Aliasgar Chittalia, Ravninder Bahniwal, Jennifer W. He, Bridget L. Ryan, Daniel J. Lizotte, Jacqueline K. Kueper, Amanda L. Terry, and Simon de Lusignan


Development of a primary care pandemic plan informed by in-depth policy analysis and interviews with family physicians across Canada during COVID-19: A qualitative case study protocol, Maria Mathews, Sarah Spencer, Lindsay Hedden, Emily Gard Marshall, Julia Lukewich, Leslie Meredith, Dana Ryan, Richard Buote, Tiffany Liu, Emily Volpe, Paul S. Gill, Bridget Ryan, Gordon Schacter, Jamie Wickett, Thomas R. Freeman, Shannon L. Sibbald, Eric Wong, Maddi McKay, Rita McCracken, and Judith Belle Brown


Women’s Views on Advice About Weight Gain in Pregnancy: A Grounded Theory Study, Helena Piccinini-Vallis, Judith Belle Brown, Bridget L. Ryan, Sarah D. McDonald, and Moira Stewart


Primary care bonus payments and patient-reported access in urban Ontario: a cross-sectional study, Kamila Premji, Ewa Sucha, Richard H. Glazier, Michael E. Green, Walter P. Wodchis, William E. Hogg, Tara Kiran, Eliot Frymire, Thomas R. Freeman, and Bridget L. Ryan

COVID-19 hinterland: Surveilling the self-reported impacts of the pandemic on diabetes management in the USA (cross-sectional results of the iNPHORM study), Alexandria A. Ratzki-Leewing, Bridget L. Ryan, John D. Buchenberger, Joseph W. Dickens, Jason E. Black, and Stewart B. Harris

The prevalence of physical multimorbidity among people with non-affective psychotic disorders 10 years after first diagnosis: a matched retrospective cohort study, Myanca Rodrigues, Saverio Stranges, Bridget L. Ryan, and Kelly K. Anderson

Patterns of Primary Care Use Prior to a First Diagnosis of Nonaffective Psychotic Disorder in Ontario, Canada: Modèles d’utilisation des soins de première ligne avant un premier diagnostic de trouble psychotique non affectif en Ontario, Canada, Nicole Schoer, Rebecca Rodrigues, Jennifer Reid, Bridget L. Ryan, Daniel J. Lizotte, Richard Booth, Arlene G. MacDougall, Paul Kurdyak, and Kelly K. Anderson

Patient-centred innovation for multimorbidity care: A mixed-methods, randomised trial and qualitative study of the patients’ experience, Moira Stewart, Martin Fortin, Judith Belle Brown, Bridget L. Ryan, Pauline Pariser, Jocelyn Charles, Thuy Nga Pham, Pauline Boeckxstaens, Sonja M. Reichert, G. Y. Zou, Onil Bhattacharya, Alan Katz, Helena Piccinini-Vallis, Tara Sampalli, Sabrina T. Wong, and Merrick Zwarenstein

Submissions from 2020

Beyond the Sick Role: The Many Roles of Adults With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in the Management of Hypoglycemia—The InHypo-DM Study, Canada, Judith B. Brown, Yashoda Valliere, Cecelia McLachlan, Sonja M. Reichert, Susan Webster-Bogaert, Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing, Bridget L. Ryan, and Stewart B. Harris

The revised Patient Perception of Patient-Centeredness Questionnaire: Exploring the factor structure in French-speaking patients with multimorbidity, Tu Ngoc Nguyen, Patrice Alain Ngangue, Bridget L. Ryan, Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, Tarek Bouhali, and Martin Fortin

Submissions from 2019

Living with hypoglycemia: An exploration of patients' emotions: Qualitative findings from the InHypo-DM study, Canada, Judith Belle Brown, Sonja M. Reichert, Yashoda Valliere, Susan Webster-Bogaert, Alexandria Ratzki-Leewing, Bridget L. Ryan, and Stewart B. Harris

Levels and determinants of maternal mortality in northern and southern Nigeria, Catherine Meh, Amardeep Thind, Bridget Ryan, and Amanda Terry

Social vulnerability in patients with multimorbidity: A cross-sectional analysis, Tu N. Nguyen, Patrice Ngangue, Tarek Bouhali, Bridget L. Ryan, Moira Stewart, and Martin Fortin

The “Patient-centered coordination by a care team” questionnaire achieves satisfactory validity and reliability, Aline Ramond-Roquin, Moira Stewart, Bridget L. Ryan, Maude Richards, Jonathan Sussman, Judith B. Brown, Tarek Bouhali, Louisa Bestard-Denommé, and Martin Fortin

Moving from space to place: Reimagining the challenges of physical space in primary health care teams in Ontario, Bridget L. Ryan, Judith Belle Brown, and Cathy Thorpe

Do four or more antenatal care visits increase skilled birth attendant use and institutional delivery in Bangladesh? A propensity-score matched analysis, Bridget L. Ryan, Rohin J. Krishnan, Amanda Terry, and Amardeep Thind

Identifying musculoskeletal conditions in electronic medical records: A prevalence and validation study using the Deliver Primary Healthcare Information (DELPHI) database, Bridget L. Ryan, Heather L. Maddocks, Scott McKay, Robert Petrella, Amanda L. Terry, and Moira Stewart