Rollercoaster Ride

Artist Statement:

This picture truly captures my mental state over the past few months. Simply put, I've embarked on this trip...and it's a trip in every sense of the word. It certainly doesn't feel like a journey; this impending sense of doom provides the illusion that at any time I’ll be asked to step off. And yet on this trip, I'm feeling it all, seeing it all, expressing it all. On this roller-coaster of emotions, I am unraveling. In a time when I would hold onto my faith as my anchor, I feel washed ashore. But I know that even in this, as I lay liken to driftwood on a vast beach You will overwhelm me with Your glory. I will look out onto the water and remember that this is the same God that places each grain of sand, that stretches out over the water. The same God that called me by name.

About the Artist:

Denise Kamyuka migrated from Botswana to North America 6 years ago in pursuit of her Master's and now pursuing a Ph.D. in sports management. Denise often uses photo-poetry to process her emotions and thoughts.