Artist Statement:

My work explores the relationship between wanting to be remembered and my innate love for art. Personally, this feeling is conveyed through the word, Meraki. It is a Greek word used to describe doing something with creativity, soul, or love. Inspired by this word, the piece explicitly shows my creativity, but implicitly represents me through an inanimate object that is a product of my efforts. Since the idea of being remembered can take on different forms for different people, my understanding of this is to have my efforts, work, and creations stand alone and be able to express who I am. Due to this, the best parts of myself that I want to persist inspire, and strengthen my love for art.

For a majority of the piece, acrylic paints were used. The acrylics were used to create the background comprised of the complementary colours, yellow and purple. This aims to illustrate an ethereal surrounding of leaves and other plant-like objects. Together, I wanted these elements to reflect a sort of dissonant harmony between the individual shapes outlined by each colour and the overall fusion of each leaf, and plant. Overall, these elements aimed to create an atmosphere of joy highlighting the joy art brings to my life!

Additionally, as I was in my embroidery appreciation phase, I decided to include that too. 'Meraki', the square border, and the main subject were embroidered with blue and green embroidery floss of different values. Through the distinctly coloured embroidery floss and line art of the Black woman in the foreground, I aimed to create an embodiment of the pursuit of leaving a mark in this world, and the hope of being memorable, striking, and genuine.

About the Artist:

Bianca Loyuk is from Windsor, Ontario. Primarily using acrylic mediums, Loyuk's work is inspired by personal experiences and perspectives of life, from the profound to mundane, to showcase its importance and overlooked beauty.