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When liquid spills, paper towels are used to clean up the mess; however, cleanup methods are more complicated in the case of a nuclear spill. In North America, there are more than 100 nuclear reactors and we must be prepared for a nuclear spill. My research focuses on using electrodialysis as a nuclear decontamination method. Electrodialysis applies principles of electrochemistry (the study of electrical and chemical interactions) and ion exchange membranes (semi-permeable polymers selective to the passage of certain ions). I apply an electric field to water containing contaminant ions. This forces the ions to move from large, contaminated bodies of water to smaller, concentrated waste volumes. Moreover, just as certain paper towels are more effective than others, membranes can be tailored to become more efficient at fishing out specific ion contaminants (i.e., radioactive contaminants). This research ensures effective cleanup methods will be available in case of a nuclear spill.

Baian Almusned
MSc candidate, Chemistry
Faculty of Science - Western University

James Noël

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Baian is currently in the second year of her Master's degree in Chemistry at Western University. In 2018, Baian completed her Honors specialization in Chemistry degree with a Minor in Psychology. Baian's research interests surround electrochemistry, water treatment, and cleanup methods. Her research ensures that there is a mechanism in place to treat contaminated water, from radioactive and non-radioactive contaminants. Baian hopes, through her research, to increase the accessibility of clean water globally.

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