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Employing Edge computing to overcome Cloud limitations in Internet-of-Mobile-Things

Internet-of-Mobile-Things devices generate massive amounts of data, which results in delayed application responses and lower user-experience quality. This is because current applications rely solely on cloud computing. Edge computing was introduced to accelerate data transfer by bringing cloud-like edge elements closer to users. These edges can consume a large amount of data locally, eliminating the need to send massive amounts of data to the cloud over the Internet. My research focuses on developing new migration techniques to support user mobility in 5G/6G networks, as current ones cannot support real-time or low-latency responses. In this approach, data should always be close to the user, and new migration techniques can expedite the transfer of data from the previous edge element in the user's path to a new one. Therefore, before the user reaches the new edge's range, data will be prepared to enhance the user experience when utilizing future mobile device applications.

Arshin Rezazadeh
PhD candidate, Computer Science
Faculty of Science - Western University

Hanan Lutfiyya


Arshin is a researcher with over 20 years of experience—in both formal and non-formal education. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at Western University. His research focuses on Edge-Fog-Cloud computing, specifically on introducing new migration methods and applying Data Science techniques to future 5G/6G Internet-of-Mobile-Things applications. He aims to connect his research to industry. Prior to joining Western University, he worked as a full-time faculty member, as the head of a computer science department, and as an instructor at various universities, where he held various leadership and executive positions. He was also a member of technical committees, as well as a reviewer for multiple journals and conferences. He has also worked in industry as a full-stack developer on software engineering and research projects.

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