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Auditory testing using smart speakers and automatic speech recognition

More than 500 million individuals experience hearing loss globally. During the COVID pandemic, significantly, people could not access to monitor their hearing or fit their hearing aids, causing the restriction, or long waiting to see an audiologist. To this aim, the focus of my study is to develop and validate a machine learning application to assist audiologists in testing users’ hearing remotely via smartphones or smart speakers. The developed application will save users’ commuting time and costs and particularly help users with disabilities. The different environments can be generated by utilizing multiple smart speakers in the living room. Besides, improving algorithms of automatic speech recognition (ASR) converting verbal commands to texts will help evaluate the response voice of impaired listeners. Then, presented ASR will be implemented in a smart speaker or smartphone. Thus, the results of this study lead to assessing users’ hearing and help audiologists recommend a better diagnosis.

Arman Hassanpour Aslishirjouposht
PhD candidate, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Artificial Intelligence)
Faculty of Health Sciences - Western University

Vijay Parsa

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Arman Hassanpour is a PhD student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences graduate program (Hearing Science field) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. He received his B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering-Hardware and his M.A.Sc. Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Qazvin Islamic Azad University in 2008 and 2013. His research interests include Digital Signal Processing, Speech intelligibility, Electroacoustic Assessment of Hearing Aids and Machine learning in hearing applications. He is an active member of the National Centre for Audiology and the dspfactory Digital Signal Processing Research laboratory. The National Centre for Audiology (NCA) website:

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