Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Vijay Parsa


Testing and verification of digital hearing aid devices, and the embedded software and algorithms can prove to be a challenging task especially taking into account time-to-market considerations. This thesis describes a PC based, real-time, highly configurable framework for the evaluation of audio algorithms. Implementation of audio processing algorithms on such a platform can provide hearing aid designers and manufacturers the ability to test new and existing processing techniques and collect data about their performance in real-life situations, and without the need to develop a prototype device. The platform is based on the Eurotech Catalyst development kit and the Fedora Linux OS, and it utilizes the JACK audio engine to facilitate reliable real-time performance Additionally, we demonstrate the capabilities of this platform by implementing an audio processing chain targeted at improving speech intelligibility for people suffering from auditory neuropathy. Evaluation is performed for both noisy and noise-free environments. Subjective evaluation of the results, using normal hearing listeners and an auditory neuropathy simulator, demonstrates improvement in some conditions.