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Master of Science


Foods and Nutrition


Dr. Alicia C. Garcia


This study compared the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education (DSME) methods by examining changes in knowledge, attitude, and behaviour (KAB) after receiving education. Participants from a convenience sample were randomized into two groups, one receiving education through conversation maps and the other through traditional group education. Participants’ knowledge and attitude changes were measured by using a repeated measures pre-test/post-test design and changes in Hb A1c were observed. Focus groups were conducted after education was received to obtain perceptions and self-reported behaviour changes. Significant knowledge and attitude score changes were observed in the conversation map group after education. When comparing the difference in attitude score changes between groups, significant improvements in attitude scores were observed in the conversation map group directly and at three months after education. These changes may lead to improved diabetes self-management, reducing the development of costly health complications related to poorly controlled diabetes. Insight was gained on how DMSE influences changes in KAB.

Nov 02 FINAL THESIS- LB- Impact of DSME on KAB.2.pdf (72 kB)
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Nov 02 FINAL THESIS- LB- Impact of DSME on KAB.3.pdf (14756 kB)
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