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Master of Arts




Dr. Alan Salmoni


The present study sets out to better understand how falls prevention can be marketed and positioned in order to increase participation rates in seniors. Market segmentation was used to create unique marketing mixes for individual groups of seniors. The senior market was segmented into frequent falling males and females, and non-falling males and females. Frequent fallers were defined by having experienced 2 or more falls in the past year, where non-fallers had experienced 1 or less falls. Twelve focus groups were conducted with thirty-five participants (N=35), 65 years or older. Differences were mainly found between number of falls experienced and gender. Risk perception was found to be associated with number of falls as well as participation. Specific marketing mixes are presented for each segment, and compared with a pre-existing falls prevention pamphlet. Future research should investigate the use of risk perception and age as potential segmentation criteria.